Exhibition of artists in the Castle

During the months of November and December 2021, several artists exhibited their works at our headquarters with remarkable success. The list of artists:

  • Marie-France Happy "Papillon"
  • Javier Ortiz
  • Victoria Campo
  • Montse Garcia
  • Natan Tarragó
  • Marien
  • Cornelius Stockman
  • Anna Bautista
  • Costa Vila
  • Anna Carretero
  • Manoli Tapias
  • Rosa Mª Torras
  • Angels Lopez
  • Maria Benitez
  • Assumpta Muné
  • Beatriz Bearden
  • Joan Badia
  • Roser Puig
  • Mª Teresa Blanch
  • Miguel Ruibal
  • Rosa Grau
  • Mª Antonia de Lora
  • Sara Gil Puig
  • Margarita Puig


Curator: Enric Puigsegur

Since March this year our association has not been able to carry out any of the scheduled activities due to the circumstances caused by Covid-19. In an attempt to adapt to all the regulations and recommendations of the authorities, we have scheduled an exhibition of artists in accordance with the Diversit-ART group. The works of the 30 participating artists are exhibited throughout the month of October in our exhibition hall and will be complemented by a smaller exhibition in the canteen of the entrance of the Fortress.
The visits will be guided and in small groups of 6 people, according to the current rules and recommendations. The inauguration was held on Friday, October 2, meeting the requirements of maximum capacity, mask, safety distance and clean hands. Our president, César Barrenechea, gave a small welcome speech, the vice president and head of culture, Fede Luque, thanked on behalf of the association for all the participating artists and the curator of the exhibition, Enric Puigsegur, thanked our association for the facilities we gave. Then the artist Angeline performed with a small repertoire of lyrical songs and Enric Puigsegur performed with his inseparable musical instrument.