Three young perspectives on Sant Ferran Castle and its relationship with the territory

On May 11, 2022, a Round Table was held at the Casino Sport Figuerenc, organized by the Friends of Sant Ferran Castle called "Three young visions about the Castle of Sant Ferran and the territory that surrounds it".
The event, moderated by the journalist Mairena Rivas, was attended by some thirty people and was attended by the mayor of the city, Agnès Lladó, the President of the Board of Promoters of Sant Ferran Castle, Carlos Díaz Capmany and the former mayors of Figueres Marià Lorca and Joan Armangué. The lectures by Carles Arteaga, doctor of forest engineer, Hayat Bouchikh, architect and Javi Martin, doctor in Geography dealt with:

  • – The geological origins of the territory where the Castle is located and the good level of conservation of the various ecosystems that take advantage of the little agricultural and industrial transformation activity motivated by the uses of the Castle (Carles Arteaga),
  • – The care and respect for the environment in which the new uses of the fortress will have to be addressed to achieve a better use by the city and the region without damaging the heritage legacy that the Castle and its natural environment means (Hayat Bouchikh)
  • – The new uses of this 8% of the municipality of Figueres that means the Castle, the financing at European level that can be obtained to materialize them and the modifications of the current model of management of the monument to make it more effective and more adapted to
    the Institutions that participate economically, such as the Ministry of Culture (Javi Martin)

After a debate between the speakers and an intervention by the President of the Association, Fede Luque, the mayor closed the event by thanking the contributions of the speakers, highlighting her youth and demanding a positive vision of the enormous potential of the Castle and the city
of Figueres.