Tribute-recognition to Díaz Capmany

On May 27, 2022, a civil tribute-recognition was paid to TG Carlos Díaz Capmany, valuing his professional career, his dedication as a historian, his role from the first moment as president of the Castle Consortium and for his family.
A committee made up of several people from institutions and personal friends and coordinated by the president of our association, Mr. Fede Luque, has dedicated himself for a few months to organize the event. This committee was made up of members of:

  • Friends of The Castle of Sant Ferran
  • Castle Consortium
  • Figueres City Council
  • Alt Empordà County Council
  • Institute of Empordà Studies
  • Figueres Library
  • Sala Ferran Agulló (Defenders of Girona)
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Weekly Empordà

The event was attended by about 80 people, including authorities, relatives and other guests. It began with speeches by the president of Amics, Fede Luque, the mayor of Figueres, Agnès Lladó, and the honoree himself, Díaz Capmany. Then everyone enjoyed dinner in the magnificent large room of the Hotel Pirineos.

Of the gifts that D. received Carlos, one reached his heart, a book that edited Amics del Castell, a collection of articles that his father, Narciso Díaz Romañach, published throughout his life. Anna Maria Puig, from the IEE, was in charge of ensuring that everything arrived in a good time, collecting the material, giving shape and making the printing quick.

The regional press echoed the event and both Santi Coll and Josep M. Bernils, attending the event, wrote two articles that gloss over the figure of Díaz Capmany.