Tribute-recognition to Díaz Capmany

On May 27, 2022, a civil tribute-recognition was paid to TG Carlos Díaz Capmany, valuing his professional career, his dedication as a historian, his role from the first moment as president of the Castle Consortium and for his family.
A committee made up of several people from institutions and personal friends and coordinated by the president of our association, Mr. Fede Luque, has dedicated himself for a few months to organize the event. This committee was made up of members of:

  • Friends of The Castle of Sant Ferran
  • Castle Consortium
  • Figueres City Council
  • Alt Empordà County Council
  • Institute of Empordà Studies
  • Figueres Library
  • Sala Ferran Agulló (Defenders of Girona)
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Weekly Empordà

The event was attended by about 80 people, including authorities, relatives and other guests. It began with speeches by the president of Amics, Fede Luque, the mayor of Figueres, Agnès Lladó, and the honoree himself, Díaz Capmany. Then everyone enjoyed dinner in the magnificent large room of the Hotel Pirineos.

Of the gifts that D. received Carlos, one reached his heart, a book that edited Amics del Castell, a collection of articles that his father, Narciso Díaz Romañach, published throughout his life. Anna Maria Puig, from the IEE, was in charge of ensuring that everything arrived in a good time, collecting the material, giving shape and making the printing quick.

The regional press echoed the event and both Santi Coll and Josep M. Bernils, attending the event, wrote two articles that gloss over the figure of Díaz Capmany.

Three young perspectives on Sant Ferran Castle and its relationship with the territory

On May 11, 2022, a Round Table was held at the Casino Sport Figuerenc, organized by the Friends of Sant Ferran Castle called "Three young visions about the Castle of Sant Ferran and the territory that surrounds it".
The event, moderated by the journalist Mairena Rivas, was attended by some thirty people and was attended by the mayor of the city, Agnès Lladó, the President of the Board of Promoters of Sant Ferran Castle, Carlos Díaz Capmany and the former mayors of Figueres Marià Lorca and Joan Armangué. The lectures by Carles Arteaga, doctor of forest engineer, Hayat Bouchikh, architect and Javi Martin, doctor in Geography dealt with:

  • – The geological origins of the territory where the Castle is located and the good level of conservation of the various ecosystems that take advantage of the little agricultural and industrial transformation activity motivated by the uses of the Castle (Carles Arteaga),
  • – The care and respect for the environment in which the new uses of the fortress will have to be addressed to achieve a better use by the city and the region without damaging the heritage legacy that the Castle and its natural environment means (Hayat Bouchikh)
  • – The new uses of this 8% of the municipality of Figueres that means the Castle, the financing at European level that can be obtained to materialize them and the modifications of the current model of management of the monument to make it more effective and more adapted to
    the Institutions that participate economically, such as the Ministry of Culture (Javi Martin)

After a debate between the speakers and an intervention by the President of the Association, Fede Luque, the mayor closed the event by thanking the contributions of the speakers, highlighting her youth and demanding a positive vision of the enormous potential of the Castle and the city
of Figueres.

Public donation by Joan Armangué

On Wednesday, April 20, at our headquarters in Sant Ferran Castle, the signing of the agreement for the transfer of the documentary collection called "Castell" from the personal archive of Joan Armangué, who was mayor of Figueres from 1995 to 2007, took place.

The event was attended by about twenty people and various authorities such as the Deputy Delegates of the Central Government, Mr. Albert Bramón, and the Ministry of Defence in Girona, Sr. Roberto Plà, and the President of the Promoter Board of the Ferran Castle Consortium, Sr. Diaz Capmany, and Fede Luque, president of the Association that signed the agreement with the donor.

The collection consists of 94 documents, 60 photographs and numerous digital material and corresponds to the period in which Joan Armangué was mayor of Figueres and the Consortium was constituted that manages the fortress that will celebrate its 25th anniversary next Sunday.

During his speech, the donor took stock of the Consortium's activity, the funds invested in improvements to the monument and the number of visitors who have passed through the Castle in recent years. He also stressed the need for a civilian leadership at the head of the entity.

For his part, Fede Luque publicly encouraged all those who have graphic or documentary material on the fortress to donate it to help enlarge the Archive-Library of the Association. The event was followed by a debate among the attendees.

After the event, a visit was made to the exhibition of paintings and photographs of the adjoining rooms.

The price of energy and the implementation of renewables in the territory

On April 5, at the Cercle Sport Figuerenc, a round table was held moderated by the architect and member of the IAEDEN, Anna Albó, with the participation of Eduard Quintana, industrial engineer and head of electricity markets at Som Energia, Maria Crehuet, former mayor of Ordis and advisor on energy issues of the Association of Small Villages of Catalonia and Joan Vila, Industrial engineer, specialized in energy and paper industry.

The event, followed by a lively debate, with multiple interventions by the public, was attended by about fifty people and the following topics were addressed:

  • Influence of the various origins of electricity on the calculation of its final price
  • Difficulty for small marketers to stay in the market.
  • Progressive depletion of energy resources and need for policies to save them
  • Need for dialogue or consensus for the implementation of renewables in the territory

Presentation of the book by Manuel Menéndez

On March 18, 2022, the presentation of the book by Manuel Menéndez, from Perpignan, was held in the Castle, at our headquarters. The title of the book is curious "From the center of the world to the shadow of the moon" but the author explained it during his presentation.
The presentation of Manuel Menéndez was given by the former mayor of Figueres Joan Armangué.

Cover and back cover of the book:

Moments of the interventions: